Web hosting is all about facilitating the websites in storing data that keeps the site get going for clients. Every site that is online has a host that is to manage the web traffic and storage. Not every host provider has the same quality of hosting values. But what give a host a shear success is the uptime, and the speed and quantity of data transfers.

Shared hosting is known one of the most famous and affordable plans of hosting in which a client can get a server and uses this server to share space to multiple different clients so on. So that means a single server can carry multiple of users simultaneously. It is mainly used for the purpose of running small businesses websites, for the purpose of blogging etc.

It is a type of hosting in which you are allotted a specific storage and ram according to your budget. In this type of hosting you are fully allowed to manage your server by yourself. This way you can give commands and configure changes to your hosting area.

It works as a window operating system. It comes with full of ease and a very comfortably used interface. What is specific about the Windows VPS is that a specific ram and memory is allotted to the user according to his budget and our plans. Windows VPS has a remote desktop access which makes it to access from anywhere. Furthermore, for this purpose we use SSDs and give an installed windows system for smooth operations.

Reseller hosting in which the client can further offer hosting service to the other clients and can also start your hosting business oneself. It is coming soon on our platform.

The biggest benefit of buying shared hosting is that is very affordable. We offer a shared hosting package that is totally managed by our team so you will never have to worry about management of server and patches transform. The shared hosting package provided by us carries with itself domain name and SSL certificate and lot more.

Shared hosting means that you being one of the users who are running their site on one specific browser. You do not owe us any specific allotment of Ram and Rom etc. for your website. But VPS hosting, either Linux or Windows, it gives you more of bandwidth and enough space for running your website which is then used to manage the traffic flow on of your website. In short, VPS hosting gives you more control and enable customization of your website than shared hosting.

Bandwidth is actually the quantity of data that is used while seeing or going through a website. Whenever a user views a website, a specific amount of data is transferred and that transfer is done through the help of bandwidth. So higher the bandwidth, higher the speed of accessing your website and we provide high bandwidths with our package.

Secure sockets layer is abbreviated as SSL. And its security is called SSL security. This is a type of a common protocol through which a secure information is communicated online. It is indicated by a lock sign besides the URL on browser which means that the data that is getting transferred is secure.

A plenty of gateways are offered by Hosthook because we have customers all around the World. You can pay through bank transfer, Credit card/Debit card, PayPal, Easy Paisa and Jazz cash (mainly for Pak-India clients).

Hosthook provides many options and allows you to use them if any issue arises. You can employ our live chat option for this purpose. Furthermore, you can email us, you may have our cellular calling number on which you can call, text or WhatsApp any time.