Privacy Policy


Effective Date: January 01, 2021

Hosthook believe that winning customer’s trust is the real thing and by this you can achieve a very handsome progress because honesty, integrity and building trust is believed to have your self-directed advertisers. So, we prioritize to keep you and your information safe and secure, doubtless and unrevealed.

We believe that if you are counting on us then we must keep your trust and counting on us shouldn’t cost you the you your privacy and security. And we also have devised a plan to keep your information free from being stolen and you after reading that can blindly trust us without any fear.

We wish to provide you a peace of mind on this very sensitive thing that you are at the right place to begin or continue your career without any risk. In addition, our business is the one which paves your way to growth. So, we can’t let any wrong thing to happen to your information. That’s our word. Have a look below:

1. Firstly, the details you have provided us with are secure and end-to-end encrypted. The name, the username, the email address, the payment details are all confidential and unbreachable. You need to worry for them to leaked out for even a second.

2. Your company, firm or business you may having will only be known to us or known to you. No third person will ever have access to it.

3. Whatever action you perform, whatever you access through our server it is not known to every company employee even. Only the people at the authoritative places will know about it with a proper fool proof agreement with them not to let it get outside the sphere of the very selected people.

4. One more thing we have in our policy is if, God forbid, any issues happen that requires to check out your server to remove that very fault, we will still by your permission and access, will go into the server to resolve it out and that only for the purpose of making you tension free and our service error-free. Because if you grow, we grow.