Refund Policy


Effective Date: January 01, 2021

We have a very customer friendly payment refund policy. We mentioned multiple times that we work according to the ease of the customers. We are working in the fields for past 14 months approximately and our customers love doing work with us and if any of them want to leave, we always welcome them to get their money back.

After subscription, if you feel our services are up to the mark and they are not helping you ease your work or even you aren’t liking our services in any way, you may ask for a refund of your payment and we won’t even take a second to accept your request and will never keep on convincing you to give us a chance, we will immediately give you a timeline of your refund.

Our standard time for the refund is like we offer you a 30-days money back guarantee on the same platform through which you have paid us while taking our services. We have multiple of payment gateways for the ease of the customers that include, Jazz cash & Easy Paisa (mainly for the clients of Indo-Pak region) bank transfers, credit and debit cards payments, PayPal, because these are the gateways through which our clients use to pay us.

Most importantly, the payment details you mention while paying us are extremely confidential and our clients know very well how much we are concerned about these things. Opting these ways, you can pay us and can get money back from the same channel if somehow you are unable to work with us or don’t consider our services are above the board.

One more thing to mention is that we have a specific identity verification system. So, we take a bit more details from you, unlike the other marketplaces which help us in your refund. Because when you ask for refund policy we make you walk through that process of verification so that your money doesn’t feel into the wrong hand i.e. to any other person claiming to be you.

One more thing that we have peculiar in nature and that makes us different from other service providers that we haven’t any timeline for applying for refund after taking the services, unlike others. You can apply at any moment you feel our services aren’t enough for you to proceed further.