Terms & Conditions


Following are the terms and conditions for our hosting packages. We always encourage and appreciate to follow these terms to get you going with our services.

Payment Section

  1. After you have made your payments into our account, kindly hold on for a while to let us go through the legal verification process of your payment which may take a while. Kindly be patient we try to get back to our customers at the first priority.
  2.  After subscription, if you feel our services are up to the mark and they are not helping you ease your work or even you aren’t liking our services in any way, you may ask for a refund of your payment.
  3. Our standard time for the refund is like we offer you a 30-days money back guarantee on the same platform through which you have paid us.

Hosting Section – Do’s & Don’ts

  1. 1. We use web servers. This means that the servers which can open up the file in the browsers. The types may be called as the list goes. e.g. HTML, SQL, PHP, JPG, PNG, GIF, XML, SWF, PDF.  Some files don’t get opened in browsers which are the download/multi media files. They need a specific software to be opened. Be mindful of that.
  2. Offshore hosting and account holders are strictly advised to use nulled scripts e.g. Rapidshare etc. but we don’t allow you to go for proxy sites or adult legal content or torrent trackers or downloading from file sharing site.
  3. We always suggest you to have a backup of your utmost required and important data because Hosthook won’t be responsible for any of your data loss, if at any time it happens.
  4. If we someway, come to know about any hacking material, any malware, scam pages, any copyrighted material, any virus or anything that questions your integrity towards the business you are doing with us, we have the right to suspend your account or terminate our services with notice.
  5. We have a policy of removing of offending content and user as soon as they are found or come into our information. Its like when you try to breach certain professional limits and you compel us to do something out of the box. Although, we always remain courteous to our customers and always bring into their notice prior to taking any action.
  6. Spamming is strictly prohibited while working with us.
  7. Unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, harassment, fraud, or trafficking in regarded as obscene material.
  8. Adult sites are only allowed when you are pursuing your business carrying adult products. This may include the adult medicines, adult lingerie. Moreover, pornographic content is strictly prohibited on our platform.
  9. Whenever any issue occurs at any time on remote desktop protocol, we subsequently change the IP address in order to be saved from hustle.
  10. There is a list of banned activities on VPS and Shared RDP hosting. This may include Hosting of Game, File and Web Server, Hacking / Cracking / Carding, Mail Bombers, Any type of sniffers, IP Spoofer, Port Scanner, Proxy Servers / Websites, Fake Login Pages or any kind of Phishing.

Every single thing blindly isn’t allowed on our hosting sites.  Yes, we have a range of restriction to everything which in broader terms is considered illegal, so we don’t encourage these things to be operational on our forum If you after even reading the terms and conditions, aren’t sure about our terms and policy. Kindly reach to us through email or live chat so we may guide you better.